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Duckies Circle

A Duckies Circle is a community gathering of people who get together for a couple of hours, snack on delicious food, and support each other.  We share something that is “just ducky” in our lives and something that is “out of quack”.  Using the wisdom of the room, creative ideas emerge to help us better cope with the areas of our lives that are out of balance. 

Take a risk, attend and watch your life change!

Leigh Van Swall teaches a variety of workshops and webinars, Lunchtime Learning and small groups on such topics as:
          SWEET DREAMS: Getting Better Sleep
	GETTING IT DONE: Avoiding Procrastination
	PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: Turning Your Challenge into a Challenge
“Leigh has been and continues to be a strong support in my life.  She reminds me to stop, breathe and realize all that I have accomplished.”
    Lori Wiley
    Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach

To register or learn more about attending a duckies circle just e-mail:

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